Meet Joe Turner.

Joe Turner is a crime writer and former psychologist from Shropshire, England. With a passion for true crime, unsolved mysteries and the serial killer mind, Joe has spent the past 15 years researching and writing about the world’s most depraved criminals and cases.

He has written for various crime websites, magazines, podcasts and newspapers during his career, and spends his free time looking into the more obscure cases from around the world.

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Meet Adam K. Bundy.

Adam, that’s what we’ll name him for now, spent more than 11 years of his life in what some might call ‘hell’.

Investigating the most horrific and shocking crimes of our century. Coming face to face with cold blooded murderers. Re-living each crime through interviews with the perpetrators and the survivors.

Adam’s work contributed to the resolution of many cases. Making him the target for some of the most notorious and sociopathic individuals alive.

His talent for digging up buried truths and clues is a curse and a blessing. An undeniably talented writer that captures the intensity of each story. A man that goes where only a few dare. Underneath all that, a loving husband and father.

He writes under a penname to protect himself, his wife and an 11 year-old son. They live together in North Carolina. Adam finds peace in the abundant forests of North Carolina where he disappears for hours at a time, walking with Buddy, his Golden Retriever.

Follow Adam into the dark alleyways of True Crime.

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